Panther Primitives

History's Best Tent & Camp Gear

Watchful Eagle Trading Post is proud to sell Panther Primitives brand tents and lodges. You won't find a better quality lodge anywhere. We could go on and on about this but who better to tell you the reasons to buy a Panther Primitive than Panther themselves.

Reason #1 The Most Reinforcing

Nobody even comes close to building a shelter with as much attention to reinforcing the stress area as Panther. Our tents set the standard for strength and durability. Over 20 years camping experience has shown us that features like our full length ridge line reinforcments, while taking more time to install, WILL make a huge difference in how your tent holds up. Our obsession with quality and the resulting reinforcments means that a Panther tent is the most durable you can get!

Reason #2 Stronger Seams

All the seams in your Panther tent will be flat felled, with at least two rows of stitching. Roof seams are actually two rows of stitching through 4 layers of canvas (double stitched flat felled seam). This is the strongest and most water resistant way to join two pieces of canvas.

Reason #3 Accurate Sizes!

These days one must be careful when shopping for a specific sized shelter. The size listed in a catalog may be the "cut size" rather than the "finished size". Too many times we've heard from folks who've been fooled by this tactic and received a tent much smaller than they thought they were ordering. A marquee 18' x 21' can end up being more like a 17' x 20' and a 10' x 15' wall tent that they cut a 15' ridge pole for comes through at only about 14'2" long!

All of our tents are listed in "finished sizes" so you know what you're getting for your money. None of them will vary more than a couple inches from the stated size.

Reason #4 You Get More For Your Money

Many of the options that you'd pay extra for elsewhere (like double doors in wall tents) are standard features of Panther tents, and when you buy one of our tents you get a complete support package along with it.

Add in our OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE, warrenty, and In-house Quality Controls and you definitely get more for your money from Panther!

Reason #5 The Best Guarantee

We cover our tents longer and more fully than any other manufacturer. And we put it in writing.

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